In the Land of Promise, experienced teachers provide a safe and fun environment for children ages 0 - 5 to learn about God and His goodness. Through songs, stories and crafts, your child will learn basic Bible stories that reveal what God can do in their lives.

Parents of younger children can be texted if they are needed during class or worship. Parents are able to attend worship with the knowledge that their child is in good hands.

Children are assigned to a classroom with a teacher and assistant that will be with them for the entire Bible Class time. While in the classroom, we encourage social distancing and safety as much as possible.When they have a time of Praise with all the preschool children, we have Hula Hoops laid out in a large area for each child to be separate and social distanced from each other.


Preschool Praise

We also have Nursery and Preschool Praise during 1st and 2nd service. Again with all Volunteers masked and all safety protocols enforced as much as possible when working with Preschool children.

Land of Promise